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PlayStation 4 Seductive of Xbox One

Written By soen on Sunday, May 26, 2013 | 5/26/2013

Microsoft Xbox One has just released, so it was natural that many console gamers who discuss this later. But Sony is trying to interfere with the euphoria of their products.

Sony apparently did not want to stay silent when competitors launch new products. The proof, the manufacturer's home country Sakura just issued the latest information about PlayStation 4 (PS4) right in the emergence of Xbox One.

In a social networking account, be it on Facebook or Twitter, Sony to lure gamers who want to witness the appearance of PS4 on the 10th June. For those who are interested can sign up at the site provided by Sony.

Compared to Microsoft, Sony was first announced their new console, but at that time only controllers are revealed, while the form of the game engine is still a mystery.

Well, the title of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) June 11 to 13 next, the compact Sony and Microsoft want to show off their product superiority. So that was quoted from Techcrunch, Wednesday (22/05/2013).

More Sophisticated Who, Xbox One or PS4?

Xbox One has heated rivalry game engine roar of the latest generation. It is certain, powerful potential opponent is the latest gaming console from Sony, the PlayStation 4. Well, if both are compared, which one is more powerful?

One either Xbox or PS4 have the same hood AMD concoction, but it does not mean they have the same ability. Microsoft and Sony admitted propose a different chip designs, even though they both use the System On a Chip (SOC) type, the Jaguar.

One Xbox and PS4 will also no longer designed as a regular gaming console, but the console is expected to be used as entertainment for the whole family. This means that each have non-gaming feature is tempting.

To find out more about the sophistication of both the console, the following comparison with the PS4 specs Xbox One quoted from Engadget, Wednesday (05/22/2013).

Wikileaks Founder Accused of Rape Perform

Written By soen on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 | 8/24/2010

Link2mobile. Swedish prosecutors suddenly withdrew the arrest warrant on Wikileaks founders Julian Assange. The man who made the Pentagon angry that he no longer accused of rape

But the investigation into the alleged mistreatment remain open to Australian citizens 39 years.

Wikileaks site in the weeks ahead will again give away thousands of secret documents concerning the war in Afghanistan.

Assange and his aides claim that he was a victim of dirty tricks. Through Twitter messages ex-hacker said the "baseless allegations and the matter was very disturbing."

"Chief prosecutor Eva Finne has arrived at a decision that Julian Assange not suspected of rape," said a statement on the site Swedish prosecution service, several hours after a warrant was issued.

It is said that Assange "no longer a fugitive." But the Swedish prosecutor's office spokeswoman Karin Rosander later said a second investigation concerns allegations of maltreatment "still open" and "a responsible prosecutor would later comment," regarding the issue.

Assange not be contacted, but one of his colleagues, Kristinn Hrafnsson, said by telephone from Iceland "Julian denies these allegations and says the accusations are false."

He said Assange still in Sweden and found out after reading in the Swedish daily, Expressen.

"There is a strong organization that wants to inflict harm on WikiLeaks," he said.

Assange arrived in Sweden early this month and gave a press conference last part of the release of documents in Afghanistan.

But he kept moving around the world and stay in place supporting

Kick Spears, Lady Gaga New Queen on Twitter

Written By soen on Monday, August 23, 2010 | 8/23/2010

Link2mobile.Britney Spears enjoyed a triumph as a follower of Twitter users with the most. Unfortunately, this has to end. Now, Lady Gaga crowned as the new queen of the social networking site.

Last Friday, Lady Gaga won five. 670. 779 followers compared with Britney Spears could only collect 5,668,825 fans.

Based on data from, Ashton Kutcher was in third place with 5,542,023, while 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' was in fourth place with 5,053,073. President Barack Obama managed to reach the attention of 5,003,469 followers so that it is ranked fifth.

The data also confirmed the growing popularity Lady Gaga where previously also received the highest attention in Facebook.

During the first week in July, the singer of 'Paparazzi' was successful beyond Obama has the most fans on Facebook. At first he got 10 million supporters, but less than two months, he preferred more than 16 million users of Facebook, according to a report

In the last month also, the video clip 'Bad Romance' and Lady Gaga's 'Baby' Justin Beiber become the most watched videos on YouTube. Justin liked Beiber 245 746 720 spectators attended by Gaga for people 245/493.709

IPhone Users Have More boyfriend?

Written By soen on Sunday, August 22, 2010 | 8/22/2010

Link2mobile.Can not believe it should, a survey said, iPhone users are said to have slept more than a couple of other smartphone owners. Really?
Yes, this sounds ridiculous conclusions drawn from the results of the poll forum, held a dating site in the United States (U.S.) called OK Cupid. The result is that men on average iPhone users have ten friends to sleep when they hit 30 years of age.

What about other smartphone users? Surveys conducted in the U.S. reveals, BlackBerry users, supposedly have an average of eight friends to sleep while the owners of Android only six.

Interestingly, as quoted from Cnet, on Thursday (08/12/2010), iPhone users apparently women are more 'good' entice couples, on average they have 12 friends slept in the same period.

This survey also uses samples of a half million photos gadget users to rate how attractive they are based on the camera used to take pictures.

"The type and brand of camera phones in use has a big effect on how attractive you are in the photograph," write OK Cupid.

The price just can not lie, the survey shows, the more expensive the camera, the more interesting and beautiful image. Panasonic and Leica considered to produce more interesting images than other cameras.
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